I heard the song that you sang to me. But no one else heard it, only I. For the song came from your heart and not your mouth, and only I heard it. I sang a song back to you, and only you heard it. Our hearts come together through this musical that only us can hear. Our hearts come together. 



I’m so mesmerized by the love that you radiate on me.

It’s like I’m in a dream but never waking up.

Don’t ever wake me up.

From this dream, you are my dream. 

And you came true.

I’m over filled with joy and something beyond happiness.

Happiness can’t even describe how I feel about you.

Happiness doesn’t suffice.

I love you much more than that.

And I’m so mesmerized at how much that is.



When will it be socially acceptable to just kiss you?

To grab you and hold you and kiss you. Declare my love for you. But we just met and alas, that is all socially UNacceptable. Oh, how i long to just tell to the heavens how I feel about you. How I long to tell you what is in my heart.

Is it socially acceptable to think about you as much as I do?

I must admire you from afar because I am unable to tell how I feel. I always wonder ‘what if’. What if you wonder about I.

Do you wonder if it is socially acceptable to kiss me?

To grab me and hold me and kiss me?

To declare the love that you have for me?

I suppose we must eventually find out. Whether a love for us is acceptable at all.

Faking it


This is the voice in my head telling me to give up. But this is the body that keeps me going. I smile to fake it, but I’m not okay not one bit. My chains are ready to break. I’m full of hatred towards myself. I can’t look, no I can’t bear it. But I have to shake it, and fake it just to show.


There were some things left unsaid when we last met. I said goodbye bye I didn’t mean a word. This path cannot split, it won’t as long as I don’t let it. But something tells me that it has to. I’m far burned from the fights and the fire keeps burning but the smoke fills my chest. I need to let go. 

My wonderland of you


It’s like a chill that creeps up through my body. My head goes numb for a second as my heart races. It races at the speed of light.

This vision. Your face.

My body tenses up but at the same time feels at rest. A contradiction. A wonderful contradiction.

I want to dance and twirl and fly. I close my eyes.


Each Second


Every second counts. Every second I count when I’m speaking to you. Because each second counts to me. I cherish every bit of it. And I count each second until I see you again.

Each second I start to feel again, I count until the seconds my heart breaks again. I count each word that makes my heart beat with each second that I count.

But you count each stitch on my heart as you sew it back up. You count each tear that you wipe away from my eyes. And you count each second that you speak to me, as you count each second until you see me again.