When will it be socially acceptable to just kiss you?

To grab you and hold you and kiss you. Declare my love for you. But we just met and alas, that is all socially UNacceptable. Oh, how i long to just tell to the heavens how I feel about you. How I long to tell you what is in my heart.

Is it socially acceptable to think about you as much as I do?

I must admire you from afar because I am unable to tell how I feel. I always wonder ‘what if’. What if you wonder about I.

Do you wonder if it is socially acceptable to kiss me?

To grab me and hold me and kiss me?

To declare the love that you have for me?

I suppose we must eventually find out. Whether a love for us is acceptable at all.

My wonderland of you


It’s like a chill that creeps up through my body. My head goes numb for a second as my heart races. It races at the speed of light.

This vision. Your face.

My body tenses up but at the same time feels at rest. A contradiction. A wonderful contradiction.

I want to dance and twirl and fly. I close my eyes.